Sports Bras

Sports bras are designed to provide firm support for women while participating in physical activity.

Sturdier than standard bras, a sports bra will offer greater support for your breasts, increasing comfort and reducing the chance of damage to your chest ligaments during exercise, especially during high impact activities such as running, aerobics and horse riding.

There are two main types of sports bra - encapsulation brassieres and compression brassieres.

Encapsulation sports bras have moulded cups and are generally better for reducing discomfort because they reduce breast motion more effectively than compression bras.

Compression sports bras restrict breast movement by flattening the chest and are popular with women with large breasts where modesty and embarrassment would otherwise prevent them from participating in their chosen sport.

Sports bras aren't only for large breasts however. Women with smaller breasts will benefit from wearing a sports bra too. Indeed, so celebrated are sports bras today that many are designed to be worn as outerwear.

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Ample Bosom (sizes up to 56L)

House of Fraser

Sports Bras

New Year, new you - a sports bra to exercise for

4th January 2018
If your New Year resolution is to exercise more, make sure you get off to a flying start with a comfortable and supportive sports bras. Designed to eliminate bounce, a well-fitting sports bra is essential when undertaking physical exercise whether you're doing pilates or running to avoid tissue damage that over time can cause stretch marks and sagging. New in at Marks and Spencer is a lovely sports bra that promises extra high impact control and is a snip at £20. Available in a great range of sizes, this underwired bra perfectly frames the breast for the best shape and support while offering a lighter alternative to a padded cup. more...

The sports bra that delivers on comfort, support and looks

7th of September 2017  
Designed for maximum performance, the Freya Active Epic Crop Top Sports Bra delivers on three counts. It's supportive, comfortable and looks great too. This crop top sports bra features a soft, wide band, underwired cups and the wide and padded adjustable straps have a J-clip option, allowing you to wear this bra as a racerback. The lightly padded foam cups are perforated making them breathable and give you a smooth silhouette and great shaping and inner slings within the cups allow you to exercise in complete comfort.

40% off the Panache moulded sports bra

5th October 2016
Anyone into sports knows the value of a good sports bra. The Panache non wired sports bra has been shown to reduce  breast bounce by up to 83% and as it itself has been reduced from £40 to £24, you should get your running shoes on and get it before they're all gone. The bra is crafted in a breathable fabric and firmly holds each breast to reduce movement in all directions. Fashionable and feminine, it's available in a choice of five colours in sizes 28-40 in B-H cups. more...

Panache sports bra up to H cup

22nd August 2016
If you've been inspired to take up a sport after the Olympics, then you'll need a good sports bra. The Panache non wired sports bra offers firm support and is crafted in a breathable fabric. It's fashionable and feminine, has a racer back option and is available in sizes 28-40 in D-H cups. Choice of colours too - blue marl and black. Price £38. more...

The Elomi Sports Bra that you will want to wear all day, every day!

28th June 2016
When it comes to the fuller figure, Elomi offers bras with unparalleled fit, effortless support and great design. So you know that when they develop a sports bra, it's going to be good. more

Get superior support with a Glamorise sports bra

4th June 2016 
Glamorise are experts in comfort and support so who better to turn to than them when it comes to choosing the perfect sports bra. Available in a huge range of sizes (from 34C up to 48F) the Glamorise sports bra is a non wired, smooth cup bra and comes in three colours, white, black and cafe. It is crafted in a fabric designed to wick away moisture, making it practical and incredibly comfortable. more

The Freya sports bra - colourful, fun and very supportive

4th June 2016
Designed to offer maximum support for anyone participating in sports, the Freya Active soft cup sports bra offers a great solution for those looking for a comfortable sports bra. The crop top design is young and fresh as is the colour - a glorious Olympic Blue.