Nipple Tassels

Nipple tassels were once the domain of strippers and burlesque artists but have become increasingly mainstream thanks to celebrities such as Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus and even Cher almost flaunting their all on the red carpet.

Nipple tassels simply consist of a small piece of material that cover the nipple and areola area and can be worn with cupless lingerie or under a sheer top. They are decorated on one side with sequins and tassels (or even candy), with a backing on the other on which you apply skin glue to stick to the nipples.

Not really a bra, they offer no support but they do offer lots of fun.

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Nipple Tassels


Bluebella Nipple TasselsPictured are the Crystal Nipple Tassels by Bluebella

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